How do I manage automated emails?

Zammad has two types of automated emails:

1. Triggers

When your customers send you an email and Zammad immediately replies with “Thanks for your inquiry! Your request has been received and will be reviewed by our support staff,” that’s a trigger.

One of these triggers is already active when a Zammad instance is started ("auto reply (on new tickets)") This will automatically send replies to the customer when new tickets are received.

In fact, triggers can do a whole lot more than just send emails: they’re a general-purpose, fully-customizable, if-this-then-that automation system for Zammad. Head over to the admin panel (under Manage > Triggers) to set up some auto-replies of your own. Zammad comes with a few sample triggers out-of-the-box to help you get started. Check out the user’s guide to learn more.

2. System messages

When a new ticket is created and and Zammad immediately notifies agents about it by email, that's a system message.

System messages can’t be customized like triggers can, but agents may set their own preferences for when and how they’d like to receive them (under Profile > Notifications). Check out the user’s guide to learn more.