Request a Feature

Wish Zammad could do something that it can’t yet? Awesome. We love hearing from our users, and we’re always on the lookout for ways to make Zammad even better!

In order to be able to manage all ideas, it takes a bit of organization:

Do you need a specific customization? That's how it goes:

Custom add-on

If your idea doesn’t make it into Zammad, don’t fret: self-hosted users may purchase a development services to have custom features added to just their own Zammad deployments. Contact us to find out how.

Sponsor a feature to get it fast-tracked

If you need an already existing feature right away, contact us to find out about feature sponsorship. Push your feature request to the front of the Future - Feature-List. What’s more, you’ll receive a shout-out in our release announcement (like this one) — a little publicity as our way of saying thanks for your patronage.

Has someone thought of my idea before or are you working on it already?

We’ve got a laundry list of features we currently have planned for upcoming Zammad releases. Check out our Enhancements tracker to see if your idea is already in the works.

Many of the ideas in our Enhancements tracker begin on our Feature Request community board.

We review every single request there, prioritize them based on community feedback, and add them to the Enhancements tracker accordingly. If your idea is already on the boards, showing your support in that discussion is your best shot at getting it implemented.

Collecting ideas

So you’ve got a brand new idea for Zammad. Great! Create an account on the community forum, then add your feature request to get the process started.

Please bear in mind that we are committed to making an amazing product for all of our users. That means striking a balance between versatility and simplicity. In general, features that do not benefit at least 80% of our users will not make it onto the product roadmap as a standard feature.