I’m on Zendesk/Freshdesk/OTRS/etc. How do I make the switch to Zammad?

We offer migration valet packages to help you make the switch to Zammad from another customer helpdesk platform.

Please note that migrations will overwrite any existing data in your Zammad instance (accounts, tickets, triggers, etc.), so it’s necessary to always perform migrations on a brand new instance.


  • Hosted subscribers (all tiers): Free *
  • Corporate-tier subscribers: Free *
  • Business- and Enterprise-tier subscribers: €725 *
  • Non-subscribers: €1,450 *
Zammad features a migration wizard for OTRS and Zendesk if you would prefer to do it on your own.

* Costs may arise if there are special modifications in the original system, causing additional work.

What’s included?

The following services are available to all subscribers:

  • Initial consultation, system inventory & appointment agreement
    (This is also a chance for you to ask any questions you might have.)
  • Test migration (subject to client QA & approval)
  • Production migration (subject to client QA & approval)
  • Final installation
Not including client QA and approval time, the process typically takes a few days. We strongly recommend that you take at least a week to QA and verify the test migration before granting your approval.

The migration to Zammad requires a blank instance. Otherwise, data (tickets, settings, customer data, ...) will be overwritten.

You are working with another system like Freshdesk or Desk.com and want to import your data into Zammad? We are, of course, happy to help. Only a few preliminary tests are necessary for migration and the costs may vary. Please contact us for further information.