How do I turn a test version into a paid version?

Have you become a fan of Zammad? That's great! To start using Zammad officially, just follow these steps:

1. Enter Admin Area "Subscription"

Enter the admin area and select the menu System --> Subscription. Here you will find all information and settings concerning your subscription that will be necessary in the future.

2. Select the desired Plan

By selecting the plan you choose the desired version (Starter, Professional, Plus). 
You can read the differences between the functions again here.

3. Billing Cycle and Number of Agents

In the next step you can define the billing cycle (monthly/annually) and the desired number of agents:

Below this, the total sum of the selected subscription size is displayed in summary form.

4. Payment method

In the lower area you enter your payment details:

5. The final Step

Now you only have to press "Update subscription" and you can use your instance to its full extent.

6. Further Billing Details

Furthermore you will find in the tab "Billing" the possibility to store or adjust your billing address. You can also enter your tax number and an email address to which we can send the invoices:

And voilà, you are ready to go.
Good luck starting with Zammad!