What is CTI?

CTI stands for Computer Telephony Integration. With it, you can connect your phone system to Zammad to unlock a host of indispensable phone integration features.

Zammad includes official support for the following telephony providers, as well as a generic CTI interface for many others:

Click through to find out about the additional features available for the providers above, or just head over to the official docs to start getting it set up.


Your telephone system must forward all events (e.g., call incoming, call answered, call ended, etc.) and caller ID data to Zammad via HTTP calls. Without this information, Zammad cannot optimally support the phone integration features enabled by CTI.


  • Automatically associate caller ID with existing customer profile
  • One click to open the caller’s customer profile
  • One click to create a new ticket for the caller
  • Dedicated overview for the caller’s tickets
  • Call Journal
    (What calls were made? Which were processed? Which require a follow-up/callback?)
  • Caller ID blocking*
  • Do-not-disturb*
  • List of other agents currently on a call

  • Direct-dial a customer*
  • Dynamically set outgoing caller ID*
    (e.g., set your caller ID based on the country you’re dialing out to)
* if supported by your PBX/telephone provider