Connect to Placetel

Once you have had an integration of your helpdesk/support system with a telephone system, you can barely imagine that you can do without it.

Due to many requests, we have provided integration with Placetel since Zammad 2.8.0.


  • Caller identification using the CallerID (opening a customer profile with just one click)
  • Display of the open and closed tickets of a customer in a special overview. This overview also offers the possibility to create a ticket for the respective customer.
  • Intelligent assignment of CallerIDs with direct (e.g. at the contact) and indirect (e.g. telephone numbers from the signature) search
  • Caller Journal (which calls were made and which were processed and which require a callback)
  • Blocking of CallerIDs (even before the call is set up - no space is given)
  • Overview of agents currently processing a call

Detailed instructions can be found in the admin documentation.