License Changes for Elasticsearch


Mid-January 2021, Elastic announced a license change on their products, which will now be released under SSPL. This was preceded by a lengthy dispute with AWS, various license violations, and several court cases. Shay Banon, Elastic’s CEO, shared a detailed thread on the motivation for these changes on his Twitter.

What this means for you

Don’t worry! As Elastic states: „It is important to repeat: there is no impact to any of our Elastic Cloud or self-managed customers“.

After thorough investigation we are pleased to confirm that there is no problem with (or change to) your Zammad usage


Please note that we cannot forecast changes or situations for Zammad hosters. If you're commercially hosting Zammad, we strongly advise your legal department to check independently.

As a first step we suggest installing "elasticsearch-oss". We will reflect this change on our documentation in the near future. Of course, we will also continue to keep an eye on the situation and will inform you of any relevant changes.

You can find extensive information on the update here.